80s Influenced Recording Artist

Synthpop, Synthwave, Future Synth & Electropop

babe let me tell you i’ve been watching you see you dancing in my dreams feel my heartbeat inside of you so if you feel it coming on

Cold Cash (feat. Clive Hawkes)

choke me in the shallow water i’m not aware of too many things i know what i know if you know what i mean

What I Am

welcome to my room we’ll start the party soon let’s definitely skip the foreplay i know you want to do i want to do it too

Members of Allihoopa (feat. Neilio)

it’s hard to tell you how i feel without hurting you so try to think about yourself the way i do

Hippy Chick

when you said you loved me and you left me drowning in humility when i crossed that bridge to learn i stood and watched it all smolder and burn

Forgave You

she’s so very nice you should break the ice let her know that she’s on your mind whatcha tryin’ to hide when you know inside

Talk Talk

new car on your drive and it’s parked in place of mine god, you didn’t waste your time you seem so uptight and i recognize the signs

Love Birds

i want a break get me out of here i need to feel something inside let’s get away into an atmosphere where the sound of the music brings me to life

Dancing Dirty (feat. JARS)


you drive me crazy baby if you only knew the way you bait me feeling so intense i just can’t stop this aching


maybe babe you don’t understand how everything completely makes you stand out try to think about it everyday you can’t because your mind goes astray

Forget About Me (feat. boyMONROE)

for once i’m speechless and without words my pulse is raising and my visions blurred how could this really be happening we should explore what i’m imagining

Some Kind of Way (feat. Zajah)

held your sorry body in my arms tranquilize heart beating what you start stay with me now babe leave with me now stop thinking so hard

When The Night Falls

you should belong to me won’t let you down i’ve seen you walking in your night skyline i feel your light and hoping you will play

Get That Body Movin’ (feat. Chris Dodson)


and though you act like you cannot hear the situation is very clear i’m just a girl who’s trying to tell her guy the time has come that we say

Get Out

i did no know how we would go about this attraction between us made me want to find out hold my hand close my eyes

Oh L’amour

you’ve got me standing at parade rest my body trembles enjoy the late night delight do you want some honey you gotta work that honey

Honey Sweet (feat. STLR)


i’m sick and tired of believing you all these games that you got me doing i’m the fool definitely time to be leaving you

Let It Go

say what you need to say instead of lying awake waiting for something honestly, you’ll be all right just hold on

Say What U Need 2 Say


i’m a very kinky girl the kind you don’t take home to mother

Special T