Charles Sterntorp, Collaboration, Discography, L'esprit 83, Virtual Baptism

Heta Drömmar

let us kiss as our bodies press without words we confess lest we oppress this love obsessed

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Clive Hawkes, Collaboration, Dark Helmet, Discography, L'esprit 83, Romero, Sandor Gavin

Cold Cash (feat. Clive Hawkes)

babe let me tell you i’ve been watching you see you dancing in my dreams feel my heartbeat inside of you so if you feel it coming on

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Allan Rahm, Collaboration, Discography

What I Am

choke me in the shallow water i’m not aware of too many things i know what i know if you know what i mean

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Collaboration, Discography, Impulse Control Disorder, Neilio

Members of Allihoopa (feat. Neilio)

welcome to my room we’ll start the party soon let’s definitely skip the foreplay i know you want to do i want to do it too

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Bernard Shai Lelchuk, Collaboration, Discography, STLR

Cray Cray (feat. STLR)

do you know what you do you drive me crazy i didn’t know had no clue the things i would do oh i like yes i love

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Allan Rahm, Canoefeet, Collaboration, Discography

Hippy Chick

it’s hard to tell you how i feel without hurting you so try to think about yourself the way i do

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Collaboration, Discography, Hiroshi Ziggysan

Forgave You

when you said you loved me and you left me drowning in humility when i crossed that bridge to learn i stood and watched it all smolder and burn

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Collaboration, Discography, Virtual Baptism

P A N I C (feat. Zajah)

don’t be the fuse to my bomb a catalyst for this song for you will think it all wrong that i’m not one with aplomb

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Charles Sterntorp, Collaboration, Discography, Heistergand, Sandor Gavin

Talk Talk

she’s so very nice you should break the ice let her know that she’s on your mind whatcha tryin’ to hide when you know inside

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