Stay (feat. Objekt)


digital audio workspace: Reason Studios +
tempo: 82 BPM
key: Bb major
lyrics: Ryan Knorr, Jaz Escamilla
vocals: Zajah
composer(s): Jaz Escamilla
producer: TIAB Productions
distributor: Amuse.io
isrc: unreleased
upc: unreleased
album art: Reason Studios, Jaz Escamilla

This is my submission for the Reason Studios #objektchallenge . The song is actually a cover song originally written, composed and sang by Ryan Knorr back in 2010.  I loved the song so much that I reached out to him asking for permission to cover the song.  I wanted to cover it because I wanted to push myself to learn more about Reason Studios back then.  2010 was the year I started my music career and I loved the Reason Studios interface.  Ryan gave me permission to cover the song.  I did work on it and I even changed the perspective of the subject to be more like an answer to his call. Sadly after working on it, I never did anything with it.  It literally collected digital dust sitting in my external hard drive, until now.  With the Objekt Challenge presented by Reason Studios I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to dust off the cover song and redo all instruments using only Objekt (as per the instructions of the contest).  

I like to think the song actually came out a lot better than the original composition that I created back in 2010. Although I would love to take full credit for coming up with the song and lyrics I cannot, credit must go where it truly belongs - to Ryan Knorr

Ryan, if by chance you are paying attention: "Thank you for letting me cover your beautiful song."

What do you think about the song? Please leave comment in the SoundCloud comment section of the song. 

Full transparency: none of my vocal tracks were processed through Objekt. In fact, Objekt was only used for the song itself: instruments, bass and drums.

Objekt Sounds Used in Song:


  • Sun Harp
  • Velo Cripples
  • Submarine Tongue
  • Wonderland
  • Space Harp
  • Raspy Pad


  • Bark 1
  • Mono Filth


  • BD Synth
  • Snare 8 (Edge D#)
  • HiHat 5
  • Ride Cymbal 4
  • Jungle Stalker


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