Heta Drömmar


digital audio workspace: Reason Studios +
tempo: 70 BPM
key: Cminor
lyrics: Zajah
vocals: Zajah
composer(s): Charles Sterntorp, Jaz Escamilla
producer: TIAB Productions
distributor: Amuse.io
isrc: SE5752221757
upc: 7316214323891
album art: Jaz Escamilla


face to face
just us in this space

eyes to eyes
fingers interlaced

our pulse begins to race
as the world around us becomes displaced

share this dream
heta drömmar
be with me
heta drömmar

lips to lips
heavy is our breath

let us kiss
as our bodies press

without words we confess
lest we oppress 

this love obsessed

share your dream
heta drömmar
shine your beam
heta drömmar
be my dream
heta drömmar
im for you, you for me
heta drömmar
we are the seam
heta drömmar
of this dream, eternity

heta drömmar
heta drömmar
heta drömmar


The inspiration for this song was honestly based on a connection I had with an amazing music producer from Sweden.  I will not mention their name so to honor their privacy.  Remotely through online calls / videos we shared intimate moments of our lives that we would never tell anyone so causally - Deep secrets that we keep within ourselves.  It was because of that connection we had, the song manifested. The music composed beautifully pulled out the words from within me - I express myself and my deep desire to share a moment in time with this amazing person. Though we will never have that chance in real life, the closest I can get is through this song - the music and the lyrics.

In summary: It is a personal perspective about having a heta drömmar (wet dream) about that special someone you are extremely attracted to. Expressed through song and lyrics is the passion and connection one feels towards the other.


Polyverse | Manipulator: Meet Your New Voice, Reason Studios | Effects | Alligator Triple Filter Gate, Reason Studios | Effects | CF-101 Chorus/Flanger, Reason Studios | Effects | DDL-1 Digital Delay Line, Reason Studios | Effects | ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter, Reason Studios | Effects | MClass Compressor, Reason Studios | Effects | MClass Equalizer, Reason Studios | Effects | MClass Maximizer, Reason Studios | Effects | MClass Stereo Imager, Reason Studios | Effects | Neptune Pitch Adjuster & Voice Synth, Reason Studios | Effects | RV-7 Digital Reverb, Reason Studios | Effects | RV7000 MkII Advanced Reverb, Reason Studios | Effects | Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit, Reason Studios | Effects | Sweeper Modulation Effect, Reason Studios | Effects | Synchronous Effect Modulator, Reason Studios | Effects | The Echo, Reason Studios | Effects | UN-16 Unison, Reason Studios | Instruments | Complex-1 Modular Synthesizer, Reason Studios | Instruments | Kong Drum Designer, Reason Studios | Instruments | Layers Quadrasonic Sample Player, Reason Studios | Instruments | Malström Graintable Synthesizer, Reason Studios | Instruments | Monotone Bass Synthesizer, Reason Studios | Instruments | NN-XT Advanced Sampler, Reason Studios | Instruments | Scenic Hybrid Instrument, Reason Studios | Instruments | Thor Polysonic Synthesizer, Reason Studios | Utilities | Spider Audio Merger & Splitter

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