Forgave You


digital audio workspace: Reason Studios +
tempo: 125 BPM
key: Amin
lyrics: Hiroshi Ziggysan
vocals: Zajah
composer(s): Jaz Escamilla
producer: TIAB Productions
distributor: Amuse.io
isrc: SE6SA2012690
upc: 616293746732
album art: Ingmar


when you said 
you loved me 

and you left me 
drowning in (drowning in) humility 

when i crossed that bridge to learn 
i stood and watched it all 
smolder and burn 

when you asked me 
to sacrifice myself 

and never to follow 
anyone else 

i watched you slip away 
into another’s arms 
day after day 

i, have forgave you 
all, that i need to 
i, have forgave you 
all, that i want to 
i, have forgave you 
all, that i will do 

i, have forgave you


Ever experienced a connection with someone so strong that you felt complete?

This song stems from this experience, however that connection dissolves when you realize the one you wanted leaves you all alone in the cold darkness for someone else. A sense of loneliness and blanket of hurt covers your entire mind and body. Especially after you completely gave yourself to them: heart, mind and soul only to be left standing in confusion.

Left without answers, you need to pull yourself from this bereft so you allow time to become your healer. After a good long while, you find peace of mind within yourself so that you can move forward in life.

After years of such strong connectivity and the pain of unanswered loneliness, I learned to forgive and let go. I have forgiven you.

The story behind how the music starts back in 2017 when a music group called The Machmen asked me to sing on their song. They wrote the piece as a piano piece and they provided the lyrics. I loved the piece so much that I quickly adopted as one of my own – of course with their permission. I recomposed the music into what you hear now.


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