Let It Go


digital audio workspace: Reason Studios +
tempo: 120 BPM
key: D#major
lyrics: Jaz Escamilla
vocals: Zajah
composer(s): Grizzle
producer: TIAB Productions
distributor: Amuse.io
isrc: SE5751944152
upc: 753215328512
album art: Andre Benz


i'm sick and tired
of believing you

all these
games that you got me doing
i'm the fool

definitely time
to be leaving you
for sure

do what i say
not what others do

waste no more time, therefore

let it go
let it go
let it go
let, it, go

you told me lies
and i know what's true

all these
times you played me like a stupid fool

don't worry babe
today you’re free

it's what i say
and its gonna be

say no more, therefore

let it go
let it go
let it go
let, it, go


The original producer and composer of the instrumental version share this song in a collaboration site back in the day called "Allihoopa" for Reason users.  I grabbed the song and jumped on it with some lyrics.  The style of music helped me pull some aggression out of me allowing me to express myself and how I see things about a certain someone who came into my life. You know who you are! (wink, grin)


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