Let It Go


im sick and tired
of believing you

all these
games that you got me doing
i’m the fool

definitely time
to be leaving you
for sure

do what i say
not what others do

waste no more time, therefore

let it go
let it go
let it go
let, it, go

you told me lies
and i know what’s true

all these
times you played me like a stupid fool

don’t worry babe
today you’re free

it’s what i say
and its gonna be

say no more, therefore

let it go
let it go
let it go
let, it, go


The inspiration of this song came from personal experience in my own life. There was a moment in my life that I allowed myself to be convinced of something and I believed in it so much that look back I made so many wrong decisions. In my self realization of what was happening to me I immediately pulled myself away from the influencing peers. I needed to breath. The title LET IT GO is anthem to my peers that what we once had will never be again. It’s my way of saying to simply just Let It Go.

Discography Details

​Producer: TIAB Productions
Music: Grizzle
Arrangement: Zajah
Lyrics: Jaz Escamilla
BPM: 120
Album Cover: Andre Benz, Jaz Escamilla, Zajah
Label: TIAB Productions
Distributor: Amuse.io
ISRC: SE5751944152


Audio Track, eMastered, Line Mixer 6:2, M-Audio, Master Bus Compressor, MClass Compressor, MClass Equalizer, MClass Maximizer, MClass Stereo Imager, Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth, Pulveriser Demolition Unit, Reason Studios, RØDE Microhpones, RV7000 MkII Advanced Reverb, Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit, Sensel Morph, Solar 5 Synthesizer, Spider Audio Merger & Splitter, Substance Output Bass Engine, The Echo

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