The Artist

I am the woman behind the beats.

My name is Zajah. My musical style is very unique. It is always memorable and super catchy. I do my best to always aim high with every song produced and continuously growing stronger with each new song. The musical flavor is inspired by 80’s music but with a futuristic design. Along with the talent for the ivory keys, actually I use a digital keyboard (Sensel Morph), I believe I have a very unique voice and style of singing too. Yes, I have been told I am the next Alison Moyet.

My point of view.

Not one to flaunt or exploit my personal life and story, but I do feel proud of myself and the journey I have taken to get this far in life. Of course, I am very excited to go very far! I’d like to believed that my footprints will inspire, help and guide others. I mean, I can do this, then surely anyone else can. “I always believe that you must live in ambition and conquer determination to achieve complete destiny.”

A little history – there is a pop quiz later.

I have been the producer / composer and one of the former singers of boyMONROE. Together we found a home within the LGBTQi Family in Austin Texas. They gave us our start in our musical careers.

Yes! I do all of the graphical designs for the albums, photos and website. Truly a woman of many hats. Talented, creative, artistic and inspiring,

Already having worked with many talented artists like: Scott Morris, Bobby Knight, Linsay Williams, Brian Twombly, Clive Hawkes, Robert Large, Mark Steller [STLR], David Connor [Meccedo], Hiroshima Ziggysan, Caine Carangi [boyMONROE], Shai Lelchuk [Psymed], Allan Baird [Incubus1960], Tim Barnsley-Parfitt [TimmyBeep], Brad Owens, Alan Oakes [LETEM RIOT], Victor VL, Grizzle, Laures, Allan Rahm [RaHmpage], Zoink, Jorge Alvarisi, Steven Watchorn, Charles Sterntorp, Chris Dodson, Ziggy and Polyverse [Music Mix Vol.1]

Are you next in line to work with Zajah?


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