Synthetika Synthwave Radio

Got word directly from Sandor Gavin, the Spotify Playlist owner himself, letting me know that my song: Get That Body Movin’ (feat. Chris Dodson) made the Synthetika Synthwave Radio Playlist.

If you know me…

Then it goes without saying that I am a huge synthwave / synthpop fan at heart. As an artist who often doubts her work and never feeling confident that the music will ever fit into the synthwave / synthpop genre, moments like this are a super big deal for me. When other artists who already have a spot in the the synthwave / synthpop niche pick one of my songs to be added to the synthwave playlist, for me its the biggest compliment I would and could ever get. I personally thank Sandor Gavin from the bottom of my heart.

Please check it out!


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