Sharing the Process

For years, home production has been a solitary pastime or hobby – crafting beats behind closed doors, combining melodies from the confines of one’s four walls, bereft of human contact, chipping away at it alone.

Recently, though, things have begun to change. The advances in technology have made it easier than ever before to make music with other artists and producer without ever leaving your house.

Creating tracks with strangers on the other side of the planet is something you can do with ease in 2020. Less than three decades ago, making a song with someone on the other side of the world would require a 10-hour flight, a couple of taxis, a professional translator (maybe) and enough money to book a studio for a few hours at your destination. Now the trickiest part is simply coinciding time zones.

What your thoughts?

Along with all that has been aforementioned, I have seen several videos online via video giants and several on social media where artists share their artistry in the process. I do admit that I too find some of them intriguing – learning how everyone has their preferred methods of making music; from the preference of DAW (digital audio workstation); VSTs (virtual studio technology); tangible toys like: Keyboards, Drums, Audio Hubs, Monitors, Microphones, the list can go on.

An artist who takes the time to make a video of them creating music shows dedication as it takes time to make a video then go back to edit it so that it can be shared with the rest of the world.

I’m left curious and wondering “is it worth sharing the process?”

Is it really worth sharing the process?

Many artists are very protective of their masterpieces and the idea of sharing it before it is ready to be release can feel scary. I am one of those who tend to lean in that direction.

But lately I cannot help but sit in my studio making music and think “Why not let the world in and be part of the music making process?!

Which leads me to:

What are your thoughts about sharing the process?

Are you one who would and does share the process or are you the type of artist who rather wait until the masterpiece is finished before sharing it with others?

What are your personal thoughts about letting the world be part of your creativity / music making?


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