Perfect Morning [Nocturne Grave]


place your head on my pillow
gently close your eyes
hear the breeze through the window
together we lay in the night

feel the
moon, beam, shining, down on us
it will
soon be fighting, the dawn that come

then comes
then comes
then comes
the perfect morning


For me this is a fantasy scenario between myself and the one I love (whomever that may be). I conjured up what would be the perfect morning for me. That perfect morning was simply both of us laying side by side, late in the night, feeling that full moon beam upon us through the open window. Taking in every minute together until dawn came upon us.

Discography Details

​Producer: TIAB Productions
Music: Jaz Escamilla
Arrangement: Jaz Escamilla
Lyrics: Zajah
BPM: 136
Album Cover: Farid Askerov, Jaz Escamilla, Zajah
Label: TIAB Productions
Distributor: Amuse.io
ISRC: SE6A91963556


Audio Track, BV512 Vocoder, Comet Polyverse Advanced Essence Reverb, ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter, eMastered, Humana Vocal Ensemble, I Wish Polyverse Pitch Freezer, M-Audio, Master Bus Compressor, MClass Compressor, MClass Equalizer, MClass Maximizer, Reason Studios, RØDE Microhpones, RV7000 MkII Advanced Reverb, Sensel Morph, Spider Audio Merger & Splitter, Subtractor Polyphonic Synthesizer, UN-16 Unison

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