LGBTQi UK Music Charts

If I ever needed you, my friends, family and fans, it is going to be now! 

One of my songs has been selected to participate in a voting poll for the LGBTQi UK Music Charts. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I really really really hope I can count on you to take a quick minute to cast a vote for yours truly – ME

Here is the link to vote:


“Zajah – When The Night Falls”


Voting starts on Monday (12.07.20) – and ends Friday (12.11.20 at 11.59 PM UK time).

NOTE: you can only vote once per IP Address, so if you are not able to vote, someone has already voted with your IP address for this week. 

So it is super important to share link with other friends / family / fans and encourage them to also vote.

I truly hope I can count on you(r vote).


As of 12.14.20

The voting results are in for the LGBTQ Music Chart (LGBTQi UK Music Chart) and ….. (drum roll)….

I want to start off by saying “thank you to each and every one of you who placed a vote for me”. Your vote has made an impact in my musical journey for this voting poll.  Your vote for me tells me that: you believe in me, you support my passion for music and you have confidence I can be somebody in this vastly large world. 

Your support, confidence and faith in me helps me see I am on right path with my musical journey. 

It humbles me to share the results. 

The results show that out of the 7 New Comers nominated, I ranked #1!  I’m completely over the moon! 

In addition to that, these results also effect the bigger LGBTQi UK Music Chart : TOP 50 Artist.  Ranking #1 out of the 7 New Comers has placed me at #3 in the TOP 50 Artist LGBTQi Music Chart. 

I may never buy the winning lottery ticket but with your support, love and vote it surely feels like I won the lottery. 

From the bottom of my heart : I SINCERELY THANK EACH OF YOU for your love, support and this vote! 

Here is the link to the Spotify playlist for the TOP 50 LGBTQi UK Music Chart:


LGBTQi UK Music Charts

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