2 Songs Landing on 2 Big Spotify Playlists

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After getting great news about my recently release Dancing Dirty (feat. JARS) landing on the Synthwave Noise Playlist in Spotify, I received a notification that 2 of my songs also made two other big Spotify playlists.

Which songs made the playlists?

Dirty Dancing (feat. JARS) made the Electronic Playlist by LITCHI

Dancing Dirty (feat. JARS) - Electronic Playlist by LITCHI

Forget About Me (feat. boyMONROE) made the Independent Mix Playlist by LITCHI.

Forget About Me (feat. boyMONROE) - Independent Mix Playlist by LITCHI

Just when things feel like they are challenging enough there is a light at the end of tunnel. I hope you will take a moment to check out the playlists and please be sure to LIKE, FOLLOW and Add to your playlists too.


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